The Intern Has Left The Building

I'm not one for long goodbyes, so I'll try and make this quick. Today, ladies and gents, is the last day you'll see me fetching sandwiches and scrubbing the dirty floors of Kotaku Tower. My internship with Kotaku is up, and it's been a pretty sweet ride. Everyone has been really great, from the editors to the readers, and everyone else I've met while here, and I can come away knowing that even I spent 95% of my time in pink flannel pajamas, I've had a truly rewarding and educational internship.

The stories I've had a chance to write while here have also had a big impact on me. If you'll indulge me in a trip down memory lane for a second...


    Well glad to see you had a good time, working at Kotaku would have been awesome indeed.
    Good Luck and Have fun in your future endeavors Tori.

    Seya Tori! Even know i didn't know u, i know now that u made my Kotaku experience "that much" better.

    Good luck man! I'm sure u will be back here before u know it.


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