The Long Weekend

To: Everyone
From: Crecente

It's not a long weekend, but it's going to feel like one. This is, I hope, going to be the last weekend for quite awhile when we don't have a full-time writer aboard to keep an eye on things. Since Flynn has shifted to weekdays and event coverage we've had my brother fill-in, Luke and Mike have helped and I have done a lot of posts. But Maggie's been our mainstay, plugging away at her thoughtful posts, and even doing a few extra here and there to keep things going, all while being a graduate student. Don't know how she does it.

This weekend all of us our pitching in a few here and there. I'm actually going off to the mountains for part of the weekend, so hopefully nothing blows up. Fortunately, if it does, I'll be pretty close to Mount Cheyenne.

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    We miss you! Look forward to your return.
    Hope you got plenty of Easter Egg action ;]

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