The People Have Spoken: Bionic Commando To Cost $10

Capcom asked whether you'd pay $US 10 or $US 15 for Bionic Commando: Rearmed. You have answered. Shockingly, you have answered $US 10, with a whopping 83% of those responding to Capcom's inquiry opting for the cheaper pricepoint. Score 1 for downloadable bargains! As a side note, developer Ben Judd talks about the poll's unseen third option: those willingly offering to pay more than $US 15:

[there were a]huge number of user comments that we received, where a majority were suggesting they would pay $US 15 or even $US 20 for the game.

Were you one of those to point this out? If so, please, stop.
Pricing Bionic Commando Rearmed [Bionic Commando]


    If GTAIV costs $120 here, I'm guessing that makes Bionic Commando...

    ...$20. For a downloadable arcade game? Hmm...

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