The Sims 3 Gets Teased

Sure, we've known that The Sims 3 was coming as early as November of 2006, when EA essentially semi-announced the thing in an earnings report. We also know that EA is planning The Sims 4 and a gross of expansion packs over the next decade, but that's just based on common sense.

Looks like we may get our first real look at chapter three in the amazing Sims saga as early as March 19, just two weeks from today. That's according to EA's teaser site, which provides all the information you've seen in this very post, but it appears that Sim jewel icon rendering is going to be just stunning!

The Sims 3 Coming Soon! [EA]


    Oh NO! Please EA don't make The Sims 4! We're happy with THE SIMS 3 and we want you to make ExpansionPacks & stuff for it and continure doing it. I guess we all want this to happen & not make a whole new game! Well, cheers =D

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