The Sims 3 Has Looks And Personality



  • I’ve been living under a rock & only found out today that Sims 3 is coming. I haven’t even bought myself the Free Time expansion for Sims 2 yet, hence my ignorance.
    I’m very much looking forward to the new version. The screenshots look great, and even better, the new version will free me of my two biggest gripes – why I have to get a taxi (or drive) to visit the next door neighbours, and having to play every family in the neighbourhood equally to keep their ages consistent. It’s really annoying when your teenager grows up in one family, and loses their boy/girlfriend etc.
    I can’t wait for it’s release. Being a year away, I at least have time to upgrade my PC in preparation!

  • I’m really glad it’s coming out in 09 because I don’t yet have a working computar, so it will give me time to get one, because I’m so excited for this amazing looking game. Even though I do feel bad that I havnt’t even played any of the sims 2 games besides the regular version because that’s when my computar crashed on me.

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