The Worst PC Game Launches Ever

A PC game having a bad launch isn't as rare an occurrence as it should be, especially in these days of readily available internet patches, so it takes something special to be called a truly botched PC game launch. 1UP takes a look at five of the worst first days ever in their feature, "Top 5 Botched PC Game Launches". For the most part they've chosen the ones you'd expect. Hellgate: London, with its greedy payment system and near character wipe in Asia; Vanguard, which just plain wasn't finished when they launched it, and of course Half-Life 2, which completely ate the newly launched Steam service's servers. I can think of a few they missed - Anarchy Online, which lost most of its subscriber base thanks to a buggy launch, only to evolve into a damn fine game once half their audience had stopped caring, or Dungeon Lords, which was the only PC game I have EVER returned. Hit the link to see their full list, and be sure to add your own in the handy dandy comment section.

Top 5 Botched PC Game Launches [1UP]


    No Unreal Tournament 3?

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