Thieves Charge 15,000 Microsoft Points To Victim's Live Account

You might want to think twice about keeping your credit card information stored on your video game consoles, especially after reading the cautionary tale of one Xbox 360 owner who unwittingly bought 15,000 Microsoft Points for a bunch of thieves. The story of Clinton's bad luck combined with bad judgment is a bit of a scary one. The Canadian gamer writes that he was robbed to the tune of about $US 25,000 when someone broke into his residence, swiping his Xbox 360, games and computer equipment, as well as the keys to his truck.

But it's the Points he's pissed about.

While his insurance covered the majority of the loss, the one thing he couldn't recover was the hundreds of dollars in Microsoft Points charged to his credit card, via the information stored on his Live account. Oddly enough, he says he was talked out of cancelling his credit card (bad, bad idea) by a customer service rep at his card company, resulting in someone else enjoying the entirety of NHL 08's downloadable content.

Unfortunately for Clinton, Xbox Live customer service reps told him that "it can take up to 30 days to remove credit card information from your account, and up to 5 years for that information to be purged from Microsoft servers". Might not be a bad idea to see if you can wrest some of that control back in your direction, folks.

The full harrowing tale is recounted at Evil Avatar's forums. I'm definitely going to check up on my stored financial info on my three current-gen consoles. Convenience be damned! Just kidding, I didn't mean that, Convenience. You know I still love you.

Theft, Lies and Credit Card Numbers: Microsoft's Inability to Handle Your Private Info [Evil Avatar]


    my son account was hacked as well and 20,000 point ordered on MY visa and all the points he had are gone as well. i have disputed the charges cancelled that credit card and will never use my credit card on xbox live again..lesson learned

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