This Hygienic Panty For Female Dogs Is Game Boy Colour Ready... Wait, What

We've been through dozens of hygienic panties for female dogs in our time on this Earth, but we've yet to see one this special. According to the arse end of this particular pair, designed for the unspayed bitch in your life, they're compatible with Game Boy Colour. Handy, in the case of needing to play some Metal Gear Ghost Babel while taking Muffin for a walk during her time with "the curse". To be perfectly clear, the text does read that the pantsu are "atible with AMEBOY COLOR" so don't toss your legacy handhelds out just yet.

To answer your question, Adam, we have absolutely no idea WTF this is all about. Theories are certainly welcome.

Hygienic Panty for Female Dogs [DealExtreme, thanks adamcole!]


    I would like to unofficially ask Kotaku to stop trying to scare the shit out of its readers with posts that 'inform'(although I use the word in its loosest possible term) the general public about 'Hygienic Pantys For Female Dogs' advancement. Just Reading this abortion of a post has more then certainly taken 10 years off my potential life span and I was looking forward to getting a letter from the queen when I hit one hundred. Admittedly she will more then likely be dead by the time I reach such an age but reaching that rainbow has now become that much harder. Anyways where was I? oh yeah, stop stealing my rainbows

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