This WiiWare Game Sounds Like a Sex Game!!

Gameloft's got WiiWare sexy covered. Well, sexy-sounding titles at least! The publisher's MAXIMUM RISKY sounding Icchi na Oneesan Kuzushi ("Destroy The Lewd Older Sister") is hitting WiiWare this April for 800 Wii Points. The game itself is more MINIMUM RISKY — it's just another breakout clone. Rather pedestrian stuff! There's going to be some seriously letdown WiiWare users, downloading this and thinking it's got some spice. Though, we're pretty sure they're already used to letdowns when it comes to the fairer sex.

Hit the jump for a TOTALLY SAFE FOR WORK screenshot.

Ecchinot [Famitsu Thanks, Matt Alt for the funny!]
Gameloft Bust Blocks [Siliconera]


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