Thompson Sanctioned by Florida Supreme Court

One more round today in the continuing downward spiral of controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson. Today the Florida Supreme Court sanctioned Mr. Thompson after he failed to prove that they shouldn't through his recent "show cause" order. So what does all this law jargon mean exactly? Well the long and short of it is that Thompson will no longer be able to file cases directly to the courts but instead will have to hire another lawyer to do so on his behalf. While this move won't completely muzzle the outspoken Thompson, it will certainly make it difficult for him to bring more of his frivolous lawsuits to the court's attention. Bear in mind that this is a separate issue from his disbarment trial which is currently in the works.

If you are a fan of reading long legal documents, Game Politics has the full court order available for your perusal on their website.

BREAKING - Florida Supreme Court Sanctions Jack Thompson {GamePolitics]


    *FINALLY!* Someone shuts this nut case up!

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