THQ Creative Director Rants On Piracy, Death Of Iron Lore

When Iron Lore Entertainment announced it was closing its doors, some readers found it hard to believe. After shipping two quality products, with another promising project underway, how did several unspecified "unrelated events" put Iron Lore out of commission? Michael Fitch, Director of Creative Management at THQ, publisher of both Titan Quest titles, helps to shed some light on part of the reason in a rant posted yesterday to the Quarter To Three forums.

His targets? Piracy on the PC platform and dealing with hardware vendors, two factors which make developing for the platform "an uphill slog", are at least partially to blame.

Fitch says that Titan Quest actually did okay. But that's about as positive as his venting gets.

"We didn't lose money on it," he says. "But if even a tiny fraction of the people who pirated the game had actually spent some god-damn money for their 40+ hours of entertainment, things could have been very different today."

Fitch goes on to lament, "Some really good people made a seriously good game, and they might still be in business if piracy weren't so rampant on the PC. That's a fact." He also points to distressing data that "pegs the piracy rate at between 70-85% on PC in the US, 90%+ in Europe, off the charts in Asia."

The whole thing is at parts depressing and enraging, but also worth the read if you didn't catch the link to it in our comments section earlier.

Venting my frustrations with PC game-dev [Quarter To Three Forums]


    I don't know about Americans, but here where it costs $80-100 for a poor excuse of a game that struggles to provide 8 hrs of entertainment. I can rent 20 180 minute movies for that price. I don't own a console, I won't own a console, I do buy the occasional game on the PC (Orange box, Peggle Deluxe, Audiosurf, Bioshock) and my friends by games based heavily on my opinion of them (They know I'm a fussy gamer). Stop making games on the PC and you loose me as a customer.

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