Three Movies Ken Levine Owns

So! Typically game industry types talk about release dates, number of characters and stuff like that. While it's good info, it really doesn't shed any light on them whatsoever. At all. This does. Well. Sorta. Here's a list of three videos BioShock creator Ken Levine owns and why he owns them. Ken?

Miller's Crossing: Because it's the best written movie, like, ever. And if you've seen it and played BioShock, you can see the influence it had on me.

I Claudius: Blood, political intrigue and nudity. Also, insanely well written. What else could you ask for?

Return of the Jedi: Because it came with The Empire Strikes Back.

What we really what to know is what the hell Ken Levine is squinting at.
One and One [Game|Life]


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