Titanic 1912, the RPG: A Review

I just about died laughing at this lengthy and vitriolic review of the Shenzhen Nanjing bootleg/grey market Titanic 1912. It's long, it's funny, it's worth a read. The quality starts in the first few paragraphs:

I have a hard time imagining what possessed anyone to make this game. The board meeting probably went something like this:

President: OK guys, we have this terrible RPG engine for the Famicom. How can we squeeze more money out of it?
Developer: Well, Titanic has been popular with students studying English. What if we make a game based on the movie?
President: But how will it work? I mean, the only character you could play as would be Jack, and he dies.
Developer: Don't you see! An RPG where the player's character dies! It will be revolutionary!
President: Make it so.

Well, they made it so.

The result was the most unbelievably fucking awful game in history.

Bad game mechanics, wacky plot shenanigans, and a submarine (yes, an in-game submarine on the Titanic) all make an appearance. Go forth and enjoy (the other reviews of equally terrible Chinese knockoffs are also worth spending some time with).

Prepare yourself, for tonight we board IN HELL! [CinnamonPirate via GameSetWatch]


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