Tony Hawk Working With Activision To Save His Series

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? Bwah? Can't remember it. The pure joy of EA's Skate has wiped clean all memory of manual combo runs, ill-advised Jackass cameos and flying toilets. And not just for me, for a lot of people. So Activision and Neversoft are going back to the drawing board, and they're bringing Tony Hawk with them. The man, that is, who's working closely with the game's developers so they can bring "new thrills" to the stale, ageing series. They're calling it the "Tony Hawk Innovation Plan". Only this year's annual instalment in the series will tell if it makes a lick of difference.
Executive Suite: Tony Hawk leaps to top of financial empire [USA Today]


    co-op, with "camera man" mode, where one person's POV can film and take photos, climb and get into crannies, for the best position to take footage, or a photo. unlockable lenses (fish eye/night vision).


    skateboarding is an artform, and the days of the mashing combo lines are almost dead. the trend of immersion and the sandbox is here to stay (for now).

    is tony hawk even involved in the sport anymore?

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