Too Good To Be True Haze Trade-In Program Was Too Good To Be True

Ubisoft's no obligation promotion with retailer GameStop sounded like a cheap-arse gamer's dream. Buy Haze for PlayStation 3, beat it (or give up on it) in a week, then trade it in for something else. No cost to you, miserly gamer. That dream has been shattered, according to MTV Multiplayer, as Ubisoft has pulled the plug on the too good to be true deal, chalking up the whole thing to miscommunication between it and the Canadian version of GameStop, known as GameStop.

While it may have been good for frugal gamers, and possibly smart marketing for Haze, I can't imagine why any publisher would ever want to contribute to GameStop's library of pre-owned titles.

Ubisoft: Incredible 'Haze' Canadian GameStop-EB Program Nixed [MTV Multiplayer]


    Isn't this exactly the same thing that EB offers on all games with the 7 day return policy?

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