Too Human Now Unofficially Dated For August

True, Too Human for Xbox 360 hasn't yet been given an official release date by Silicon Knights or Microsoft Game Studios. However, when we last heard from the GameStop shipping department, May was said to be the month. But head Knight Denis Dyack isn't afraid of delays, so we wouldn't be surprised if it was pushed back a bit more.

In fact, that's what retailer GameStop just did, putting a new ETA on Too Human for August. It's yet another placeholder date, but generally these things are moved around for a reason, so the game may just need extra, extra polish. They're most likely just making sure that sound effect they used in the last level fits in here. *Pyew!* That one.

Too Human [GameStop - thanks, Travis]


    I'm beginning to wonder if this game is ever going to be released or if it's all been one big hoax...

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