Topps Launches Candy Coated Speed Racer Web Game

Topps, the purveyors of candy treats have just launched a little racing web based game to help promote the upcoming Speed Racer Movie, Speed Racer Candy Tracks The game is exactly what you'd expect from the title, a racing game with a Topps candy tie in. The tie in coming from a massive onslaught of in game advertising for all of their products from Bazooka gum to Ring Pops. The tracks may be pink and candy coated but this Flash game already seems ten times more interesting than the bore fest that is Speed Racer the Video Game. I'm sorry, but having to tack on "the Video Game" at the end automatically puts it on my "don't buy list".

Topps' Speed Racer Candy Tracks Game [Topps]


    This game looks awsome.


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