Tron To Triumphantly Return To Theaters In 2011 (And In 3D!)

It's been over twenty five years since the original Tron flick took drive-in theaters by storm, but it looks like Tron fever may be sweeping the nation again in the next decade. According to film site Dark Horizons, Disney has plans to release a 3D sequel to the video game film, using the same technology in previous 3D efforts such as Chicken Little and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Hollywood Reporter previously wrote that Joseph Kosinski, currently said to be working on a Logan's Run remake, will be helming the project and that Lost writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz would write the script. We just hope they haven't abandoned Tron's spandex roots. That, and that the discs are still deadly.

Disney Plans A Bumper 2011 [Dark Horizons - thanks, Matty!]


    "a 3D sequel to the video game film"

    It's actually the other way around, the film came out before the game.

    Also hate to be a nag but The Nightmare Before Christmas was a stop motion animation. Not 3d CG like Chicken Little.

    The more you know!

    (P.S. are US comments not coming through?)

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