Turning Point Not For "Core Gamers"

Spark Unlimited's alternate history FPS Turning Point: Fall of Liberty didn't fare well with reviewers. A rather lackluster demo was followed by a relatively lacklustre game, leading to some fairly mediocre reviews, like a 5.0 from IGN and a 3 from Game Informer. What happened to Turning Point, a concept that had such promise? According to Spark CEO Craig Allen, those pesky "core gamers" got a hold of it.

"You know, I think that when you try to do games that are about a mass market, and Turning Point is definitely a high concept idea, that with the time and money we had we did the best to execute on, our target was not really the core gamer."

You heard the man! If you're looking for a revolutionary game with innovative play mechanics driven by new technology, then Turning Point isn't for you. Maybe they should include that in the game's marketing materials, ushering in a new era of truth in advertising! "Stale gameplay in an interesting setting!" Sign me up for a dozen!

Turning Point dev hits back at poor review scores


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