Two Goals For Metal Gear Solid Movie (Two?!)

Hollywood producer Michael De Luca has produced lots of good movies. Take Boogie Nights or Wag the Dog, for example. He's also produced lots of bad movies, like Little Nicky or Ghost Rider. He latest project? Bringing Metal Gear Solid to the screen. No easy task! No doubt fans of the cinematic game franchise have high expectations. And with the way Hollywood bungles game adaptations, the pressure is on. So, how does De Luca feel about this whole Metal Gear Solid movie dealio?

...there's so much story in Metal Gear as opposed to other video games that I think it's going to be a challenge but it's an upscale problem to have some much thematic subtexts and story material to draw from so I think we have a leg up already in that it's such a rich universe and Kojima is like George Lucas in terms of creating this universe so what it says about war by proxy in this kind of future where war has been outsourced to private companies I think can be almost very topical and also kind of satirical in like a Robocop kind of way, so I think if we can get a script that honors the storyline of all 4 games, but that also has a cinematic aesthetic you know the kind of aesthetic Verhoeven brought to Robocop or the kind of aesthetic the Wachowski's brought to The Matrix. If there's a cinematic identity to the piece that exists on its own, it doesn't conflict with the DNA of the game, you know that's our goal is to pull off those 2 things. Not mess with the DNA of the game but provide a movie that is an adaptation but that has it's own cinematic identity so even if you don't play the game you know, you'll come out of that movie feeling like you did at the end of The Matrix or the end of Robocop. That's our goal anyway.

Allow us to add a third goal for De Luca and coompany: DON'T MAKE IT SUCK. De Luca Interview [Collider Thanks, Steve!][Pic]


    This movie is going to be only *slightly* less hard than making a fallout movie.

    First you have to convince the fan base it seems.

    It worries me how many times he referred to Robocop in that statement...

    Sorry but I don't see this film working, since when did MGS need a movie anyway? It's practically a movie in itself.

    Oh god, this truly is going to be a big task. You know I really suggest fans to not get their hopes up. If it's not directed by Hideo Kojima - who used to pursue a movie career - then we might not see what we exactly want to see. I suggest sticking with the games with its brilliant story, graphics, voice acting, cut scenes, but most of all GAMEPLAY!!! We can make our own movie of MGS by just playing the game. Be tactiful and experiment!


    DO NOT LET DE LUCA DIRECT THIS MOVIE!!! it will be a big mistake! they can't be cheap with this movie they need to go after Michael Bay who directed Transformers or Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski who directed the Matrix. De Luca will ruin this

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