Ubisoft Starts With GRAW Teasing

Visitors to the official Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and EndWar web sites may have notice something unusual today—a Flash overlay that features smoldering, bullet-ridden debris that links to the official Ghost Recon web site. There, a similar Flash overlay shows a smoking black box or dossier case, then a series of mysterious videos, some of which are playable, some still locked down. The video and audio files are said to come from a recovered MACSAT or Multiple Access Commercial Satellite.

Details are pretty hazy, but it would appear that Ubisoft is planning on adding something to the Ghost Recon series. Where that will be Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 3 or something else, we don't yet know.

It may be related to the Tom Clancy "air combat" brand that Ubisoft announced last September. Ubisoft has recently trademarked a series of titles, including Strike Hawk, H.A.W.X. and R.U.S.E., but no word yet if any of these are related.

We'll continue to look around and see what we can learn. We'd hope you do the same and direct your internet sleuth findings to our tips line. Thanks for the heads up, Max!

MACSAT7 Recovery Forum and Official Ghost Recon Site [Ubisoft]


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