User-Generated Guitar Hero Content At Least Five Years Away

Making your own songs within a game like Guitar Hero, then self-publishing those songs, is a big deal, right? So you'd expect companies like Activision would be toiling day and night to get that kind of power into consumer's hands, right? Notsomuch. As part of his address at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference yesterday, Activision boss Bobby Kotick says that while his company recognises that it's a big, big deal for a game like GH to incorporate its own user-generated content, he also says that making that kind of software available is "not easy", and that it won't be happening within the next five years. It will happen, he reiterates, just not soon. In the meantime, users will have to instead prepare for things like tournaments and playing for cash, which Kotick says are "the evolution of the medium".


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