Uwe Hates On Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley

Latest from the Uwe Boll files: his adaptation of Postal is hitting theatres on May 23. Same day as some Indiana Jones movie. An error on Herr Boll's part? Not on your life. Dude's out for blood. Spielberg's blood.

On the Indiana Jones weekend - May 23 - we will go out and destroy Indiana Jones in the Box Office! We all know that Harrison Ford is older as my grandpa and his time is up - would Michael Moore say!

Gotta love how his angry, broken English makes it into his emails!

But wait. He's not done! It's not enough to heap shit on 20th century cinema's most acclaimed entertainers, he's got to go heap shit on a third:

Spielberg gets sloppy. We saw that with War of the Worlds (why the fuck the older brother survived?) and also in parts of Jaws, E.T., Munich etc.! My performance in Postal as 'Nazi Theme Park Owner' outperforms easily Ben Kingsley in Schindler's List!

Uwe Boll Sets 'Postal' to Release Against Indiana Jones [Bloody Disgusting][Pic]


    wow, so now we can add completely fucking delusional to his C.V. right along side "makes shitty movies for tax benefits"

    Wait, Boll's seriously sniping at an actor who was in one of his movies? I actually know people who saw Bloodrayne solely because they thought Kingsley would save it, and Boll's attacking him! Stinking amazing.

    Dw Postal will flop... he already ruined Dungeon Siege

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