Valkyrie Profile Coming To The DS

This week's Jump magazine contained a tasty treat for Valkyrie Profile fans as Square Enix reveals Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One for the Nintendo DS. Developed by Tri-Ace, the game is the first in the series to feature a male protagonist, a disgruntled soldier named Wilfred, who hates the Valkyries and is out for vengeance using a magical feather given to him by the queen of the underworld. Screens seem to indicate a combination of the traditional profile view as well as an isometric view similar to games like Final Fantasy Tactics, though at this point such details are more speculation than anything solid. A bit of a departure for the series, but with Tri-Ace behind the wheel I cannot help but be a bit giddy at the prospect of more Valkyrie Profile goodness.

Valkyrie Profile - The Accused One announced for DS! [NeoGAF via Forever Fantasy - Thanks Ram!]


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