Victorians Can Get Rock Band PS3 Too

Victorians Can Get Rock Band PS3 Too
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Turns out the now-famous GameTraders in Perth isn’t the only store selling Rock Band PS3 bundles.

Independent retailer Game Mania, based in Ringwood, Victoria, also has it in stock, according to Costa Gavras (who I’m assuming runs the business).

As with GameTraders, the price is $399, so consider your purchase wisely.

Anyone know of somewhere in NSW that’s stocked up on Rock Band packs? Because we’d love to hear from you…


  • $400 dollary-doos?!

    Seriously, that’s f’d up. I cannot believe how long we have to wait for this to come out here. Do we even have a solid date?

  • Quite untrue really, I went to Gamemania personally today asking for the status and they most certainly don’t have any stock yet. But i’m still having my hopes as i’ve preordered from there

  • Oh my god. I was at that shopping centre like, 7 hours ago. I was even looking in the game stores! Can’t believe I missed this one.

    Practically, though… $399? Holy crap, that’s alot. Even with all those peripherals, I think half that’s about right.

    By the way, despite their understandably high Rock Band pricing, this is a good store. I bough my Halo 3 legendary from there, and they had a little tournament and there was even a guy filming a documentary there on the launch night. They’ve also always been helpful as well, and their prices are pretty much what you’d expect from anyone who’s not EB but specialises in games.

    God damn though, I’m looking forward to this game so much (read: looking forward to this game not costing $400.). I’m going to try to get people to put in to get rock band for the games room at my uni – Our MarioKart sessions are awesome, but by the time they get the PS3s and 360s in, we’ll want something more. And this’ll be like, the funnest thing, ever.

  • hey guys, just letting you know a few reasons for the high cost. No wholesalers in usa have it available, so we have to get it at full retail, box are outside normal postage size and is 20 pounds. Plus we have to pay for bubble wrap for packaging etc. And we paid a small fee to our contact to spend their time packaging and sending it to us. Trust us in saying its not a huge money maker for us, but more a cool thing to do, as its been quite a drama getting a few into the country, but we had some very keen customers wanting it.


  • It’s the best they can provide, beats waiting till freakin’ September. Still enjoying mine, thanks much for shedding this blessed hope, Costa

  • I allready have a bundle pack from the US for $330 AU from Ebay which includes insurance and postage + tracking. There is one guy on ebay in melb selling one for 320 and can do pick up just incase anyone is interested.

    Im lovin it……

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