Video Games Defeat Music In UK

Poor music. The Entertainment Retailers' Association has announced that in 2007, video games usurped music as the second highest earning form of entertainment with £1,719m in revenue compared to the lowly £1,417m in music purchases. However, the king is still video (including DVDs), and it has a bit of breathing room after a strong 2007 showing of £2,164m. But we warn you, movies, the gaming industry is coming for you. It's got star power and knows this level pretty darn well by now.

For the full, numerically gruesome story foretelling the future demise of all other forms of entertainment by the gargantuan video game industry, hit the jump. (In less poetic terms, it's 3 years of sales data).

Video/DVD: £2,196m
Music: £1,839m
Games: £1,345m
Total: £5,380m

Video/DVD: £2,122m
Music: £1,651m
Games: £1,361m
Total: £5,134m

Video/DVD: £2,164m
Games: £1,719m
Music: £1,417m
Total: £5,300m

Then again, revenue and profit margins are two very different things.


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