Wake Me When It's Over

To: Ash & Luke
From: Maggie
Subject: Finals week is here again

One of my favourite descriptions of the discipline of history comes by way of E.H. Norman, who spoke of "that peculiar pleasure of reading in the calm of one's study of turbulent events, of great triumphs and failures or simply of the everyday life of people in bygone ages." He goes on to say that writing history is "to feel an intimation of man's immortal spirit." I think someday I'll feel like that ... in five decades or so, if I'm lucky and survive grad school and ensuing career. Currently, however, my life is a whirlwind of academic chaos and while I'd like to be able to enjoy the particular charm of history in 'the calm of [my]study,' duty calls and I'm up to my neck in papers, PDFs, books, and other tools of the trade.

It was a slow weekend around here, but here's what you may have missed:

Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack details due out Tuesday;
If you've ever wanted a Swarovski-encrusted Wii, you can get one for a mere $US 4,000;
Amanita's made a game for 11 year olds, but even us grownups are digging it;
One of the guys behind the Bourne game talks about designing filmic games.

I'm now off to whip up a final paper for my Japanese historiography seminar and then hit the library to get some microfilm viewing in. Outside of that, I have parts of 140 exams to grade on Tuesday and then I'm done for two weeks (minus all the other work still hanging over my head). Hope y'all have a good week.


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