Want To Go To Capcom's Next Gamers Day?

Capcom's recent Digital Day was merely a taste of what it has planned for the year. Heavy hitters are still planned for the publisher's upcoming Gamers Day, now known as CAPTIVATE 08. It's happening at the end of May, with news dripping out at the start of June, news that's sure to create a torrent of drool. The best part? John Q. Gamer can go. But only five of you.

The publisher isn't limiting attendance to its Las Vegas media event to those who went to video game journalism trade school or have blog certification, it's opening up some slots for community members. That means a handful of lucky folks will bask in NDAs and beta builds for the latest Capcom offerings. If you think that you should be one of the lucky five, you better make your way to the Capcom Unity and state your case.

Gamers Day is dead, long live CAPTIVATE08. Plus: How do you score a golden ticket? [Capcom BBS]


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