Warren Spector Screwed By Shady Photograph

Earlier this week we started receiving some odd tips, tips about a game developer of note showing up in Time Magazine in an article about... How not to Look Old on the Job. Making the story even stranger, the developer was none other than Warren Spector and it appeared he was being used as an example of what surgical work could be done to tone and tuck your way to a younger look. What!!!

Today Spector explains. Turns out you should never sign photo released without reading them first.

Spector says he did a photo shoot for Wired Magazine a couple of years ago with a freelance photographer. The photographer had him sign what he thought was a typical release, but in fact gave her the right to "sell my image to anybody she wants, any time, for any purpose. Without my permission".

One signature and several years later and Spector has shown up in a Microsoft web ad for a some software he's never heard of (ficticious quote included), and now a Time mag piece about how to age well. Spector is taking the obnoxious shenanigans of this photographer quite well too.

Oh, and as a note, I've had NONE of the procedures and done none of the stuff the article talks about. I mean, I work out two or three times a week, but as you can tell by looking at the photos, I was between trainers when the Time photo was taken!

I guess it's cool, in some sense of the word "cool" to be part of a stock image library. Immortality is mine at last (sort of)!

Yes, That's Me on Page 55 of Time Magazine [Junctionpoint]


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