Watch Blu-ray on Your PSP with Latest PS3 Update

Despite no mention of the feature on the official Playstation Blog or press release, PC World is reporting that the Playstation 3's next update, firmware 2.20, will include support of Portable Copy.

Portable Copy will give Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable owners the ability to buy a Blu-Ray movie, insert it into their PS3 and download a standard res version to their PSP.

While this would be pretty exciting news the fact that Sony has yet to mention it will be on this latest firmware update leaves me a little dubious about the whole thing. We know it's coming, I'm just not sure it will be with this firmware.

I guess we'll know soon enough, when the firmware hits.

PS3 Firmware Update Enhances Blu-ray Capabilities [PC World]

UPDATE: Turns out the rumours were wrong. Portable Copy isn't coming with 2.2.


    I think that this is very possible, I just dont see it happening now. What I predict is that they are going to drop it after the lakers get their ring. If the lakers fail to prevail in the finals then sony would have to sustain hollywood and drop the support for their studios for being such dirt bags. I hope the lakers do win because being an owner of a psp myself I see this update being very useful. It would give blue ray the edge in innovation when it comes to delivering HD media abroad. Again keep track of the lakers because they hold the answer to this resounding question that intrigues us all.Go LAKERS!

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