Watch "Erotic" Wii Game Trailers

Time to take a look at risqué Wii game, Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper! The CERO C (ages 15 and up) rated game has a fairly standard dating sim "adventure portion." The saucier stuff seems to be the cleaning mini-games, where your job is to remove brightly coloured specs of dirt with cleaning tools like a Japanese fan, a feather duster and a whip. Uh-huh, right. It's not porn and very tame compared to the type of erotic games that inhabit PCs. (This is a Wii game after all!) Hit the jump for two game trailers, which are about the same. Skip ahead two minutes or so for the embarrassing stuff. Start at the beginning for the boring stuff. There's no nudity, and it doesn't get any more explicit than banana-eating. Still, they might be NSFW. They might be boring, too. YOU DECIDE.

Clean Keeper Site [Official Site via Siliconera]


    What the fuck

    This offically blows the 'child friendly' Wii case into the stratosphere and atomises it with hydrogen bombs for good measure.

    Wombat, I doubt your children(if you have any) can read Katakana OR Hiragana, let alone most of the under-educated children of America today. As for the pictures in these short You-tube videos, they doesn't seem pornographic.

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