"We Have Games Aimed at 3 Year-Olds"

Europe loves the PLAYSTATION 3. It sorta likes the Xbox 360. Besides a Microsoft head start, Sony's new console has surpassed the Xbox 360 in Italy, Spain, France and Germany. Thanks to the recent price cut, Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis is totally confident! Microsoft has something for everyone. Says Lewis:

We've got 150 games that are aimed at three-year-olds and above. We've got parental controls and that whole space there on the front foot in terms of giving control to parents and carers. And we've got diverse entertainment through video store and what we're doing with Live. It's a perfect time to open up the mass-market floodgates.

Whew. Good to know that Microsoft has the whole spectrum covered: From mass market mature gamers to small toddlers with underdeveloped eyes. Next up, fetuses!
Mass Market [Games Industry][Pic]


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