Wear Pikachu On Your Head!

That's not just a Pikachu baseball cap. Oh, no. It's a fitted Pikachu baseball cap! This officially licensed Bioworld made hat will ship this summer. Heads will never be the same.

Hit the jump for another Pikacap.

Pikachu Cap [Strictly Fitteds]


    OK and how do i buy both of these

    do anione knw where i can get this?!
    as in online?
    i want it...i have the sesame street collection...now i want this..
    does anione knw...?

    hey.. where can i buy this cap...
    it's very ncie

    Where can I buy this cap??I just love it!!

    How much is this (;


    How can I buy this hats

    where can i get any of those hats i've looked on ebay its not there please tell me where i can buy them!!

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