Week 2 Game On Ticket Winners

Bonkers. We’ve gone competition bonkers. Well, at least today. First faceplates, now event tickets. Is there medication for people who compulsively give stuff away?

I don’t think so.

Anyway, hit the jump for the second, and final, lot of Game On ticket winners. We’ll be in contact soon to get your mailing addresses.

Much love to the ACMI for helping with the comp!Danny Flynn gets his mum to finish games for him:

I remember playing Space Invaders on the Atari 2600. I can’t have been more than four or five years old at the time, and I could never manage to kill the last few invaders, (like Fry,) so my mum would do it for me. (Like Fry, Sort of.) I always thought it was great seeing my mum beating Space Invaders.
She doesn’t play games much anymore though, she thinks they’re far too complicated… though I did get her to play Guitar Hero the other day.

Andrew Blake spends his days dividing by zero:

Back in the late 80s, I’d been given an Atari 2600 and loved River Raid, but my most memorable (and crushing) moment was reaching a score of 999999 on Asteroid, only to blast one more rock and have it roll over to 0 before I could show anyone!

Last but not least, Chris Rose remembers a time when 20c could buy you an afternoon of gaming bliss:

My most memorable retro video game experience was, back in 1999, going to the Melbourne Uni Student Union building and watching a guy put a 0.20c piece into the old four-player Gauntlet machine. I watched him play for a while, and then had to go to a three-hour lecture/workshop. When I left the lecture and went back to the Student Union, he was still going on the same 0.20c (friends had been watching the whole time), and was now up in the 90+ levels!

Hope you guys enjoyed the comp, I know I had a blast reading your retro gaming moments. I wish we had more tickets to give away, because six just wasn’t enough!


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