Weekend Note: Streamlining

To: Ash & Luke
From: Maggie
Subject: Wacom tablets are kinda sexy as far as peripherals go

So I've got one of those tightly-wound, high-stress personalities, the kind that's constantly worried and/or in a state of panic about something. One of the upsides of this is that I find repetitive, low-stress tasks (writing footnotes, cross-stitching, Harvest Moon) really soothing, which means I also think organizing things is great fun (a bonus in a field where you acquire astonishing amounts of paper, books, and notes on a near-daily basis). This year, I've been trying to organise my academic life: I've finally started taking class notes on my laptop, use a nifty program called DEVONthink that organises everything without me having to do much, and my boyfriend just got me a little Wacom tablet so I can take notes on books while reading without having to transfer them to digital versions later. It's currently sitting on my coffee table, practically begging me to take notes on it. I just want to pet it — it's so cute and wee and slim! Now I have to get started making a padded case for it, since it'll be traveling to archives and libraries with me.

It was a slow weekend around here, but here's some stuff you might have missed:

Blueberry Garden looks like a bizarre, yet intriguing, upcoming indie release;
SSBB isn't playing nicely with some Wiis;
The crocheted version of our own Witzbold is available on eBay;
In more shocking news, 'X-Box Live' lies to parents about nude pictures.

I'm off to pon-pon-pata-pon my way through some more of Patapon (See? There I go with the low-stress repetitive tasks again) and get some reading done. Hope y'all have a good week.


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