What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sorry, no time for gaming this weekend. Instead, I'll be developing my psionic abilities, channeling my hate into beams that can shoot from my eyeballs, to properly direct a fatal but invisible charge in the direction of the UPS man. Why him? He's got my copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in a warehouse... somewhere. I'd have really liked it by Friday, you see, but it's already the afternoon and... where the hell is my copy of Brawl already!!

Sorry about that. It's cool. Everything's cool! I'm calm. Maybe I'll just have a few laughs packing up my Nintendo DS to ship off to be repaired. That ought to put me in a jolly good mood! I need some gin. Anyhoo! What are you playing this weekend?


    UT3 on my PS3 woot woot. All come join me PS : Lil_AzZa

    You have to ask?

    i'm playing SSBB this weekend. That's why I don't order games through the mail b/c they always arrive too late. Maybe that's b/c I live outside town and away from civilization.

    Worse-Case scenario would be if i put in SSBB tomorrow and it says "Disc Read Error" on the screen. Thats highly unlikely though b/c I don't smoke and nothing has been crawling around in my Wii's disc slot.

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