What’s In The God of War: Chains of Olympus Box?

gow_box_1.jpgThis black box arrived from Sony by courier today. The company adores pretty press packs. Adores them to death, the afterlife and the afterlife-death. And whatever comes after those.

The symbol is nice and furry, while the container itself is heavy. Given the logo, one would assume its contents are related to God of War in some way. A fair and reasonable conclusion, yes, but is it correct? Hit the jump to find out what this little package holds. It’s worth it, trust me.

gow_box_2.jpgIt’s like a pop-up picture book! Except gory and mythical!
gow_box_3.jpgNot sure where I’ll put this guy, but if I ever buy an Optimus Prime action figure, the two will definitely duke it out. That, or I’ll get bored and place them in compromising positions.

For the curious, the box also came with a copy of the game and a press disc. Exciting!


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