Where I Get My Lazy From

I'm not the most productive fellow in the world. An excellent example of this is the fact that I am moving in two days and didn't get started on packing until Tuesday night. I would sit down in front of the television and start stacking up DVDs and games to go into the boxes, and before you know it I've found a game I haven't played in awhile and wasted several hours. Knowing my attention span problems, my mother offered to come over the other day and help me get started packing. Seeing as my mother rarely gets a chance to play video games and generally only plays PC point and click adventures, I figured I would show her Wii Sports bowling while I had her here, maybe let her throw a few balls before we got down to packing. Really bad idea.

An hour later and she's played several full games and we've gotten exactly nothing accomplished. On top of that, all that bowling had made her tired, so we decided to reschedule the packing for another day.

It made me think though. Is my gaming addiction and general laziness hereditary? If video games had been around when my mother was a kid, would I even be here today or would she have been too busy playing an ancient ancestor of Mario to bother going out to meet my dad?

Hereditary or no, I am obviously much better at putting off work than she is. As I type this she is in my kitchen wrapping dishes in newspaper while I sit in a comfortable office chair and tell you folks about how lazy she is. I suppose we'll see just how lazy she actually is when she reads this and then commences kicking my sorry arse.


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