Why Don't Next-Gen Games Give Us Next-Gen Gameplay?

Here's an excellent point (kind of) made by a Lucasarts rep with regards to their upcoming environment-shifting shooter Fracture:

While a lot of games are pushing the limits of what can be done visually in games, we also wanted to push gameplay to levels that literally could not be done on the previous generation of hardware.

Putting the hype for their own game aside, this is something that's been shitting me off for months now. Here were are, more than two years into this console cycle, and how many titles have given us new ways of playing games (that old hardware just couldn't manage), rather than just prettier ways of playing old ones? Let's see, we've got Dead Rising, and we've got....um....well, maybe Oblivion, and...that's about it. Disappointing.
LucasArts: Most games don't take advantage of next-gen hardware [MCV]


    I say, the way we play games now are fine. I really don't see many games "innovating" more than adding features that mix the old formulas around. The only time I can imagine that is when we're gunning down baddies, wearing VR goggles.

    Actually you know what? You want a "Next-Gen" game?
    I got a date for you.

    June 12th.

    i though that was the whole point of the wii?

    and although i do love my oldschool games, Okami has to be one of my favourites just because its a bit different in gameplay stakes. (and is hell pretty)

    Puh-lease. Metal Gear Solid 4 doesn't provide any next-gen gameplay, only next-gen graphics.

    Assassins Creed definitely pushed the limits for sandbox worlds, and should be on that list imo. I'm hoping GTA IV will too.

    Also, let's not forget Wii Sports, the only title to provide a completely new way of playing sports games. Pity there's not more good sports titles for the Wii, it's one of the only things it's suited for!


    Oblivion is a prettier, more user friendly version, dumbed down version of morrowind.

    I disagree with the article. There are plently of games - Wii, PS3, 360, DS, PSP and PC alike - that have gameplay features that weren't just rehashed from the companies old titles.

    Portal. Super Mario Galaxy. Both praised, and rightfully so. They did have some great gameplay features... Which Prey did first. And another game probably did before Prey. But even so, at least they're not *constantly recycled* gameply elements, and their implementation was certainly original.

    Rock band took some great existing ideas and a few new ones and made a great new game.

    Dead Rising was a great example, but it's not the only one. 99 Nights kinda did the same thing - used advances in technology to change gameplay.

    I'd love to talk more about this, but I'm busy. Oh, Crysis - It has great physics and huge worlds, both affecting gameplay. Good sound too.

    What about Bioshock? They could never do a story like that on N64. Well, not in the same way.


    Yeah, I know...

    I just wanted to mention it. Is that so WRONG!!!???


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