Why The Nintendo Hate

We've seen the reasons for the Xbox and PlayStation hatorade. Now, it's only fair to show why there's venom against Nintendo. This should bring us full circle. Ah, much better.

Nintendo Hate [Games Radar Thanks, Roxeraz!]


    ... was it just me, or were these weaker then the last two?

    I didn't watch the last two, but this had a bunch of weak points.

    I thought the games world loved Reggie has his attitude (I am sick of him answering everything in question form though)

    The one with Perrin Kaplan should have been her saying that the Wii was region free.

    They also should have put in a picture of Europe, psted AUS/NZ next to it, and then just written LOLZ or something.

    Fucking Nintendo. There's the real hate.

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