Wicked DS Guitar Hero Controller Unveiled

IGN has the scoop on the controller for the eagerly anticipated DS version of Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero: On Tour will come with a Guitar Grip that plugs into the GBA slot of your DS and allows players to fret along with a song while strumming digital strings on the screen. The Guitar Grip includes a hand strap and a little storage compartment for the specially designed stylus pick.

IGN reports that the microphone will also be used, probably to activate Star Power mode with a Jack Black-esque rock scream.

On Tour, due this summer, will support both co-op and competitive multiplayer using the DS' local wireless functions, a battle mode and come packed with more than 20 songs.

Exclusive Reveal: Guitar Hero DS [IGN]


    I cant see myself being able to hold my hands in that position of very long. It looks a wee bit uncomfortable.

    i think its a great idea i could hold my hand there for hours i would be hooked on tht thing for my whole life its so much better then holding tht big guitar awsome thing now the question is how much is it post a commment if u know?

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