Wii TV Guide Channel Launches In Japan

Nintendo released their latest Wii channel today: the TV Friend Channel. What is it? A TV Guide. With benefits. Yes, on the surface, it's just a TV guide with the ability to highlight shows you'd like to watch. BORING. Some of the things Nintendo have added to spice things up a little, however, aren't quite boring. For one, while the Channel's running, it'll let you use your Wii Remote as a TV Remote. Pointless, yes, but interesting nonetheless. The Channel will also have limited community features: you'll be able to see what shows your friends have highlighted, and Nintendo will centrally track these records (as well as star-ratings for each program). Still pointless, but a little more interesting. Finally, it'll also let you register your mobile number and e-mail address: mark a show on the guide that you wanna see, and 30 minutes before it starts you'll get a text message and/or an email about it. That's not pointless. It's downright useful!
TV No Tomo [Nintendo]


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