Wii Won't Excommunicate You from Nintendo World

A lot of people write off the Wii. Not SEGA boss Simon Jeffery. He is all about the Wii. No wonder, Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games has done big business! Says Jeffery:

I do think going forward there is very much a place for the hardcore gamers on the Wii and there's a big opportunity for publishers to take advantage of that because we've seen the success of Resident Evil on Nintendo platforms... But I do also believe that a lot of Western publishers are only looking at the Wii for casual and family gaming, and I think that's a mistake — I think there's a lot more opportunity there on the Wii. The Wii isn't just about Wii Tennis and Mario & Sonic; it's about so much more. The Wii as a platform has way much more to offer than [Wii Tennis and Mario & Sonic] , and hardcore gamers traditionally love Nintendo as well. There's no reason why they should be excluded or excommunicated from the Nintendo world.

Bwah? Nintendo world?! Excommunicated?! Wow, talk about being a Wii convert. This guy's fanatical.
Dismissing Wii Is Mistake [CVG][Pic]


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