WiiWare Devs: Xbox Live Arcade Is "Full Of Shit"

Nintendo may just be getting around to circulating the word on WiiWare, its answer to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network games, but Develop says the company has been "keenly capitalising on publicly-aired frustrations with Xbox Live Arcade" to boost interest. How so? By offering attractive royalty rates to developers, something Microsoft has reportedly halved recently.

One anonymous WiiWare convert has gone to the Nintendo side, because "Frankly, we're not looking at making games for Xbox Live Arcade because the service is full of shit."

And by "shit" he or she means remakes of classic titles that feature prominently on XBLA, like Tempest, Frogger and Sonic The Hedgehog 2. As Develop points out, some XBLA publishers have aired their frustrations about being outsold by retro rehashes publicly.

Another anonymous WiiWare supporter echoed the frustration, saying that Live Arcade is "clogged up with the retro titles that have blighted the chances of many independent studios." With Xbox Live Community games coming later this year, adding even more noise to XBLA, WiiWare (and maybe PlayStation Network by default) may look even more attractive to mid-size developers.

While the Virtual Console is nothing but old school software—but clearly a separate entity—and WiiWare isn't immune to things like Dr. Mario, it would seem that Nintendo might be in a good position to grab some of the Xbox 360's download dollars. Sorry, I guess that should be "points."

Nintendo's 'secret war' on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store [Develop]


    These developers actually think they'll have a better chance going up against Super Mario 64? Good luck, chumps.

    The reason "some XBLA publishers" are upset isn't because M$ is choosing retro content over new games. The reason they are upset is because the retro games outsell many of the new games. For example, Space Giraffe's (a new game) developer has been very outspoken because his game sold poorly. He was quoted several times as saying that this was crap, because Frogger outsold his game. Well, guess what... Space Giraffe is crap! There are TONS of new games by unknown developers on XBLA. Check your info before you post crap like this.

    I love Live Arcade, Reasons are 1/ My whole family including my wife... Who hate gaming actually finds games on there they like. 2/ I like classic games I played theme when I was young and can know play them again without going to a dank arcade. 3/Now with XNA even more unheard games are going to be avaible to try, whats wrong with more orginiality coming to the service.

    Point to all those angry pubs.. If you make a good game it will sell!!!!

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