Will GTA IV Hurt The Iron Man Release?

Remember when Hollywood blamed Halo 3 for why they made crappy movies had low box office revenues? Now one analyst is predicting that Grand Theft Auto IV could cause such an effect. Arriving in stores on April 29th, the upcoming planned-blockbuster Iron Man hits theaters just days later on May 2nd and shares GTA's young male demographic audience.

Sure, you may argue that gamers could just see the movie later and Iron Man will still make plenty of money. But studios get higher cuts of ticket sales near a movie's launch, making the loss of Hollywood profits from gaming entities potentially quite real. Will you stay in on Iron Man weekend to play GTAIV?

GTA IV May Carjack Iron Man Ticket Sales
[Next Generation]


    Perhaps - now this is just a theory - if Hollywood could eke out a half decent movie now and then they wouldn't have to worry about low box-office takings? Damn straight they should be worried about GTA IV!

    If anything Iron Man will get me out of the house for a couple of hours for a well needed break after a couple of 12hour sessions of GTAIV

    I've had GTA and the IM movie on the to do list since last year. One's not going to stop me enjoying the other.

    Besides, I don't know if my Aussie GTA game saves will work when my NZ copy arrives, so I won't be doing much achievement-wise anyway. I'll just be exploring Liberty City for a week or two.

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