Win Ten G's In GameStop's Grand Theft Auto IV Contest

That Grand Theft Auto IV limited edition package is, unless you're in desperate need of a duffel bag for all your duffeling, a teensy bit overpriced. Fortunately, GameStop is giving away ten-thousand dollars in a GTA IV promotion, so you could be swimming in lockboxes, key chains and other branded tchotchkes if you win. You could also be swimming in airfare, as four winners will fly to New York City for a chance to get that ten large. It's really quite simple, only requiring a text from your mobile phone or the filling out of an online form. No purchase or hooker beatings required! Good luck.
Grand Theft Auto IV Sweepstakes [GameStop]


    Am I the only one who thought Ten G's in Gamerscore, rather than that measly $10,000?

    Sad face.

    I hope i win

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