Wired's A Brief History Of Nintendo's Godawful Philips CD-i Games

You may already be familiar with the handful of Nintendo-licensed games that were released for the Philips CD-i during the heady days of CD-ROMania. If not, you will definitely want to unsee the latest episode of Game|Life The Video which offers a fantastic and hilarious primer on the near ruining of Nintendo's best known IPs, Mario and Zelda.

You may learn a thing or two while getting your first horrific glances at Super Mario's Wacky Worlds and Zelda's Adventure, Novalogic's braindead sequel of sorts to Super Mario World and the photorealistic stillborn offspring of digitized graphics and The Legend of Zelda respectively. Proceed with caution toward the Kohler-Baker tag team of these unclassics.

Game|Life The Video, #7: Nintendo and CD-i [Game|Life]


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