World of Warcraft Raiding Latin America For Epic Loot In 2008

Blizzard is obviously not content with a paltry 10 million World of Warcraft subscribers. The WoW pusherman is expanding its operations to Latin America, giving Spanish-speaking North and South American gamers a fully tailored localisation, including new voice overs and a dedicated customer service crew this year. In preparation, Blizzard is staffing up, with customer service, quality assurance, community relations, and web team positions open to those who speak the EspaƱol.

World of Warcraft is currently available in English, French, German, Korean, European Spanish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. I've got gold on a Klingon translation by the end of the decade, sadly.

Blizzard Entertainment to Release World of Warcraft in Latin America [Blizzard]


    It'd be nice if Blizzard could improve support for Australia, one of their current markets, before trying to branch out into a new one.

    i'll agree with that moloy... actually i'd rather a few of our own servers because i've never had a need for customer support :D

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