WoW MMOvie Featuring Indiana Pwns

Witness the first 10 minutes of MMOvie, a planned feature-length, HD quality machinima film created by Nate Taylor and produced by Full Stealth Films. The movie will be released in increments, and if this first ten minute chunk is any indication it's going to be hilarious. It features the adventurous trio of Indiana Pwns, his adopted Night Elf sister Bridget Pwns, and their Draenei pal Harnold, who can only talk in Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes. Witness a bloody rain of murlocs, a wand that for some reason summons giant dinosaurs, and Bridget trying to get a bit-too familiar with her brother as they try to outrace zone deletion. Probably no safe for work. Audio definitely not safe for work.

MMOvie: Installment 1 []


    OMFG it was F*CKING INCREDIBLE!! i watched it with a bunch of friends and family in the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they laughed their asses off!!!
    it was awesome!!
    release the rest!!!!
    more than 10 min increment XD lolz
    its awesome and i crave more!! XD

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