Wrap-o-matic: Over The Easter Weekend

Hope you guys had an excellent break. I spent the last two days with a nasty head cold that my body is still dealing with. But hey, at least I'm not dead.

Darwinia Coming To Xbox 360 One of Introversion's best games makes its way to Microsoft's console. This way, it's easier to forget about Defcon.

First Persona 4 Screens Surface Yeah, it's Persona 4! Now all Altus needs to do is move off the Playstation 2.

Electronic Arts' CFO Quits You'd think a gig at EA would be pretty sweet. Apparently not the Chief Financial Officer's position.

Kotaku Originals: Reviews Gone Wild Originals, because we love to remind you of all the amazing content you may have missed during the Easter break.

New Zealand Won't Forget Atari NZ helps the country remember retro gaming. So when is everyone else going to follow suit?


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